Patient Education


"Animations not only help patients understand procedures and discharge instructions, but also improve nursing and physician workflow efficiencies."

Lynne Sycamore
Patient Education Coordinator
Gwinnett Medical Center

Patient education is a key part of a great patient experience, raising health literacy, improving hospital satisfaction scores and lowering readmissions. Providing your educators and patients with accurate. visual teaching tools is critical for reaching at-risk groups such as the elderly, immigrant, low education and low income populations dealing with chronic conditions.

With an annual Patient Education license, your staff may display Nucleus medical animations at before, during and after the point of care, on CCTV systems, mobile devices, and the web (with password-protected access). The license includes access to over 150 animations in English and Spanish, as well as access to our 20,000+ medical images, depicting anatomy, physiology, diseases, conditions, surgery, tests, treatments, and much more for non-commercial, educational usage.

Bonus: the Patient Education license also includes the right to create educational presentations for clinical staff and healthcare professionals within your organization.

Contact us to learn how raising health literacy can raise your patient engagement and lower preventable readmissions.