Education License

Save Time and Lower Readmissions

With Educational Medical Media

With the Education License, you have the right to use Nucleus visual media (including animations and illustrations) for both patient and professional purposes. The license allows for use in:

  • Patient education (pre-care, point-of-care, and aftercare)
  • Professional physician presentations
  • Internal training programs
  • Community outreach programs

All of Nucleus's visual content is issued under a Rights Managed, non-commercial license.
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If you are interested in using Nucleus visual media in ways not covered by the Website License, please consider our Education or Media licenses.

"In most any diagnostic situation, there are typically 10 to 15 minutes when a patient is in the exam room and I’m not there. So, not only do the animations reduce the amount of time I need to spend going over the material, but they also leave the patient with the assurance that the visit was well coordinated and meaningful.
It’s a win-win."

George Crawford, M.D.
General and Thoracic Surgeon at The Crawford Clinic